Solid fuel boiler units.

The organization of engineering networks often limits the possibilities of owners of private houses and enterprises due to the impossibility of connecting to the main lines of energy or gas supply.

The heating equipment market offers solid fuel boilers in various modifications as an alternative. The company, in particular, sells boiler equipment of this category in three main versions: combustible gas, coal-wood models and pellet units, which are highly valued in the West..

Features of the operation of boilers are clearly visible from the names. The main unifying principle of operation of such installations is the use of natural raw materials. For example, a pellet boiler is considered the most environmentally friendly, since it requires wood processing products for fuel..

When choosing a solid fuel boiler, several factors should be taken into account due to operational requirements. They are mainly determined by the power and installation possibilities. In the first case, the nature of the use of the unit and the parameters of the serviced object play a role, and in the second it is necessary to provide for the presence of a smoke exhaust structure.

Employees of the online store are ready to comprehensively equip a house or industrial premises with a suitable model of a solid fuel boiler, having completed installation, configuration and providing consulting assistance.