Start of construction of a new kindergarten in Murino

The other day, a ceremony was held, the reason for which was the laying of the foundation for a new kindergarten in the Murinsky residential complex. The developer is CDS.

It is planned that the investments made for this construction will amount to almost one hundred million of the domestic currency. The completion date of the object, which will have stretch ceilings, is scheduled for the fall of this year..

According to the management of the CDS, the company also plans to build a couple more objects that can be attributed to the infrastructure of a social orientation, namely a school and a second children’s institution for more than a hundred places.

“Now the region of the settlement of Murino has about eight thousand residents, of which four hundred are children of preschool age. They are patiently waiting for their turn for the right to attend kindergarten «, — reported by the head of the district Valery Garkavy.

Stalemate solution

In his opinion, the construction of the mortgaged object will significantly alleviate the peak situation that has arisen due to the chronic shortage of social facilities on the territory of Murino..

“The newly built educational institution will accept not only small pupils of the local village, but also children living outside it,” Mikhail Medvedev from the CDS company also added in his speech. The construction of the kindergarten will become a part of the adopted project, which provides for the integrated development of the Murino territory, where the residential complex is being built..

According to the adopted program of complex development, it is planned to build twelve residential buildings, in which four thousand premises will be presented for implementation..

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