Steps to home security

Security systems aren’t just for the rich and famous. Home security is important to everyone. Especially today — in today’s troubled world. When providing your home with any security devices, be it video surveillance, fire detectors or a rare intercom with many functions, do not forget that everyone who lives in your home is part of a general security system. Roughly speaking, all equipment must be understandable to every member of your family, otherwise you will simply waste money and time on all these devices. In this article, we will remind you of the important things to keep in mind while keeping your home safe..

Most thieves are opportunists. If you are not a character of a cool movie, then Ocean’s 11 friends are unlikely to decide to rob you, having planned it in advance according to a clearly expressed scheme. In the real world, burglars tend to roam the neighborhood looking for a house that looks unprotected and empty. This is especially true for summer cottages. Thus, a lot of home security should be devoted to making the home visually active. There are options here with lighting devices when you are not. The easiest way to turn them on is by timer. However, it is also worth remembering about such signs as a courtyard littered with snow, when there is not a single trace on the white blanket. There are other features around your home that can betray a long-term absence of hosts. By the way, there is a very good way, both for apartments and for suburban housing — leaving the radio on loud.

Do not forget to protect the general perimeter of your site with a wall or fence. This obstacle will hold back most of the uninvited guests quite strongly. This is why it is the primary safety tactic for most vacation homes. However, the system also has its drawbacks. Under the cover of a fence or wall, it is easier for a burglar to hide from those who can see something outside your home. For example, from neighbors. Simple perimeter protection provides false security. If you have been in the village with your grandmother, then you will probably remember from childhood and youth that no fence did not deter you from stealing apples from the neighboring area. Therefore, any fences must be either reliable or equipped with technological security systems..

Make sure all entrances are well lit. This also applies to country houses and apartments. In your entrance, light bulbs may burn out, fight for them with management companies or change yourself, but the light must always be on. Even if you think that illuminating your door in a dark entrance with your mobile phone is a good idea! This is not true! Many people think that it is necessary to protect the door and window well, but danger may lie in wait earlier. Thieves can do their job where no one can see them. This means that it is potentially more dangerous than the area at the entrance. For country houses and for entrances, in order to save money, you can install motion sensors that turn on the light automatically. This is not only energy saving, but also a powerful signal for you if someone suddenly decides to lurk at your door. So to speak, no one will pass without being lit up.

Protect windows in your home. While you install two or even three doors with a combination of locks, you forget that your house is full of windows, which also need to be secured from penetration. In apartments on the lower floors, these are bars. In summer cottages, these are anti-vandal glasses that cannot be broken by stones. You can also install all the same light sensors around the house..

You can secure your home by putting your house on burglar and fire alarms. There are several variations. The first cheap way is simply to turn on a siren or feed information to your mobile device. There are also more powerful options — this is the installation of the house on the security panel, when the security agency employees will quickly arrive at the signal triggering. A contract with such companies will cost more than a simple alarm, but no one can easily run away.

Proektstroy wishes you maximum security in your home. However, we also advise you to foresee everything and record all your valuables in a photo or video, preferably in conjunction with subsequent insurance. After thefts, the police can use these data to find and return something to the owner, but most often all things have long been sold by the time the thief is caught. If there is something really worthwhile, like art or jewelry, then insure it.

If you want to advise any specific security systems or write a review about security devices, write all your thoughts in the comments below. Our readers will be glad to receive useful information from other users..