The Best and Worst Times to Invest According to Astrology

The stock market is a strange beast. Predicting when it will rise or fall is tricky, but some times of the year are generally better for investing than others.

Astrology can offer some insight into the peaks and valleys of the market based on how the planets align in any given year.

Let’s look at when you’ll want to invest your money and when you might want to keep your savings under your mattress instead.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury rules communication and contracts, so those areas of life tend to get messy when it goes retrograde. During a retrograde, it’s best to avoid signing any contracts and putting yourself on the hook for anything new. The problem with investing is that you, technically, ‘sign a contract with yourself — you’re promising to put money into a certain stock or a certain type of investment.

So if you sign a contract during a retrograde, it may not be valid until after the retrograde, or to make matters worse, the stock might plummet.

Mars Retrograde

Mars rules aggression and risk-taking, so when it stations retrograde, investors typically become a little more cautious. During a retrograde, it’s best to avoid doing anything that involves a lot of risks — so you might not want to make any big investments while Mars is retrograde.

It is hard to say whether Mercury or Mars retrograde is worse, but one thing is for sure. The biggest stock market crashes (1991 and 2008) happened during the Mars retrograde, so it is better to avoid large or rash investments and wait until Mars leaves its retrograde phase on January 12, 2023.

This year, Mars retrograde begins on October 30, 2022, so take a deep breath and buckle up!

Full Moon

The Full Moon, which occurs once a month, is a good time to invest. During a Full Moon, the tides are higher, and there is more water, which may be a metaphor for the fact that there is more liquidity in the market then. As a result, the Full Moon is generally a good time to make long-term investments, primarily if you’re investing in a cyclical asset.

Investing during a Full Moon may be ideal if you’re looking to buy stocks. That said, it’s important to note that investing during a Full Moon isn’t a foolproof strategy. You can still lose money or make bad investments even if you do it during a Full Moon — you just have a slight edge at that time.

April-May (The Taurus Season)

Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, is all about stability, security, finance, and resources. As such, it’s a sign of material abundance and all things that come with it. That’s why it is recommended to make significant investments during the «Taurus season,» which is from April 21 to May 20.

Stock Market & Astrology

Astrology can’t predict the stock market perfectly — and neither can any other method of market prediction. Investing is a game of probability, so even if you know when the market is likely to go up or down, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to time it perfectly. However, there are some general trends that astrology can tell you, but there are no guarantees that they’ll be true in any given year.

That said, it’s still fun to look at the stars and see what they can tell us about the market! Plus, when you connect the dates when the stock market crashed or, conversely, when the stock market boomed, you can find a connection in astrology.