The best smart things for a smart home 2015

Some people in Russia still do not know what an intelligent building or smart home is, but a number of Russian companies specializing in engineering systems for the home have learned to explain this technology, which is in demand all over the world, to their customers.. For example, 220help provides a good visualization of what a standard smart home system can do and what is included in a standard building automation system. However, every year more and more smart things can be included in the smart home kit..

One of the main parts of a smart home is a thermostat, which is able to connect to all climatic systems and automatically adjust the temperature, humidity and other important parameters of the indoor climate. Not every smart thermostat is capable of doing this equally effectively, so it is important to keep track of everything that happens in the market for this equipment. Now, for example, there are Ecobee thermostats3.

Another part of a smart home is a video monitoring system. Such systems differ from the traditional video surveillance used in commercial structures. Home video surveillance systems are usually connected to a smartphone for remote access to what is happening at home. Nest smart cameras are now singled out.

All smart gadgets in the home can be controlled using sound commands, and this may require a special hub. It looks like a speaker that you can give voice commands to, and which, in turn, can communicate with you (voice the weather forecast on demand, read audiobooks, etc.). Belkin and Samsung hubs are now singled out.

Fire extinguishing systems and smoke or fire detectors are one of the most important and very first systems that are installed in a smart home. There are a lot of such sensors on the market now and all companies are trying to stand out. While Nest leads the way with a sensor that «senses» smoke and CO2, is relatively cheap and automatically sends a signal to the user’s phone, giving several options for action when a problem is detected..

Automatic garage door openers are also smart home systems. There are a lot of companies in this market and they all offer different variations on the theme of this system. In fact, now you can ask to do anything — even install you a system that will allow the garage door to open automatically when your vehicle approaches the gate of the site..

Smart air conditioners are not just in fashion now, but in a special fashion. The truth is not so much appreciated how smart the air conditioner is, but how much it is able to save electricity without causing you climatic discomfort. In general, air conditioners can do everything now. Some manufacturers try to teach them to understand the user on their own, based on his behavior, however, while people adjust their preferences manually (and this is most effective, because the machine cannot automatically adapt to a person with changing habits).

As a rule, they also buy sensors to determine the level of humidity (because high humidity leads to mold and in general, the correct level of humidity in the room is good for health) and, if necessary, install smart humidifiers or dehumidifiers..

There are more and more smart locks. Some of them are brought to Russia for official sale through distributors, while others have to be ordered from foreign sites on their own. Fortunately, there are people who try all the new products and post video reviews about them so that users understand which of the foreign super-technologies can be useful in our country, and which are not suitable for our houses and apartments. In general, electronic locks and smart locks are very popular and are becoming even more popular..

Smart kitchen appliances are just starting to come into vogue. Initially, it was sold only through crowdfunding platforms, and now products are being developed not only by startups, but also by large manufacturers of household appliances, as well as specialized firms that deal with smart home systems. For example, Belkin specializes in computer communication devices and now sells kitchen appliances that wirelessly receive your commands and prepare meals for you. In general, with the help of such systems (if they are correctly selected and designed), you can cook the perfect dish without even knowing how to cook.

Water tracking systems are becoming popular, especially in the homes of people who save water like Matt Damon. Smart bulbs are also popular — they react to where you are. Other systems include smart furniture, such as smart beds (adjust the position to fit the person’s posture, the temperature to the person’s body and have many built-in functions).