The British transforming house can adapt to different seasons —

News British transforming house can adapt to different seasons

In Great Britain, they built an easily modifiable home-constructor that can adapt to different seasonal, meteorological conditions. It was designed and created by local architects D. Grünberg and D. Wolfson.

The building, with eight different configurations, allows for maximum adaptation to each type of weather during all four seasons. For example, it is not difficult to turn the bedroom with windows to the east on a sunny fine day and enjoy the morning sun on weekends. The owner will enjoy the warm sunshine. And the house will generate a supply of energy through solar panels. You can change the location of the house and the direction of the exits of windows or doors many times throughout the year when the seasons change..

The massive panels of the outer walls are easy to rearrange in place of the glass inner partitions. Owners can transform glass internal partitions into facades, windows transform into doors, and doors can be easily turned into windows. The building consists of two bedrooms, living room and bathroom.