The healthcare industry demands more packaging materials

The global healthcare packaging market will reach $ 101.3 billion in 2015 and grow by about 6.3% annually through 2025.

In the next ten years, the demand for packaging in the healthcare sector will increase globally, with increasing demands on the functionality of medical packaging..

Due to the fact that the world’s population is aging, the way of life of people is changing, as well as due to the prevalence of chronic diseases, the volume of production of medical goods and the number of medical services is growing. All this naturally leads to an increase in the packaging market in the segment of healthcare products..

A large market share will be occupied by plastic packaging for medical purposes. Particular growth in demand for packaging will be seen in the pre-filled syringe market. Meanwhile, in the second place will be the market of ampoules and vials. The boom in these two markets will be associated with a general interest in biologics, where injections are the main delivery system of the drug into the body..