The LenSpetsStal company will supply you with metal products of the highest standard!

The company «LenSpetsStal» will supply you with metal products of the highest standard!

For a huge number of areas of economic, or rather, economic activity, some kind of basis is required. But in this case we are not talking about a philosophical or scientific basis, no. In this case, we mean something material, without which, for example, it is impossible to make an ordinary concrete slab, from which the vast majority of modern buildings and structures are built. It is also difficult without such a foundation to build a building of a large factory workshop or a shopping center, also built of concrete. Another example is foundations that serve to overlap storey spaces in buildings under construction, and so on. This list could be continued much further. Apparently, and without further examples, it is clear that in such a matter as large-scale construction, strong elements are needed, which are placed in the base of many parts or structural elements of structures..

Such elements are produced and offered to its customers by the St. Petersburg company LenSpetsStal, which has been successfully supplying rolled metal of the highest standard to the relevant market for a long time. The company has an unusually wide reach in its activities, selling high quality products throughout the North-West region of the Russian Federation. In addition to rolled metal products, the company produces metal products, which, like rolled products, are subject to special certification by manufacturers. The company works with the entire range of metal products, ranging from the same as conventional fittings, I-beams, channels and steel sheets, and ending with steel angles and shaped pipes. From its own products, the company «LenSpetsStal» offers customers such goods as corrugated board, expanded metal sheets, corners, welded beams, nets and so on. The company has special modern equipment for cutting metal, which significantly reduces the amount of unused metal waste.

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