The role of color in interior design

The color scheme of home decoration plays a key role. Scientists have proven that the value of color is difficult to overestimate, it has a tremendous impact. A reaction to one color can be a seemingly inexplicable antipathy, while another, on the contrary, is perceived with some kind of warm feelings. Also, with the help of playing with flowers, you can visually expand or narrow the available space. The correct color of the premises will help increase labor productivity, as well as have a beneficial effect on human well-being..

Learning how to use color wisely will ensure that your home will be cozy there. To prevent misuse of this secret weapon, you need to arm yourself with the knowledge of basic color theories. So, we get different shades when mixing in different versions of the basic, so-called primary colors: these are red, yellow and blue. If we combine these colors in pairs, we get — in the drawing lessons — the following colors: orange, purple and green. With further mixing in pairs, we get a wheel with the main colors-sectors.

The twelve colors obtained are divided into two groups. Warm tones include colors ranging from yellow to purple-red. Cold ones go from purple to green-yellow. By choosing a paint or wallpaper in favor of warm colors, you will make your room appear more cozy and welcoming. On the other hand, warm colors make the room visually smaller than it actually is. When using cold shades, the room visually becomes more spacious. Also, when choosing suitable interior colors, you should pay attention to where the windows face. The principle of the opposite applies here: if the windows face south, we select the colors of their cold scale, and if to the north, then correspondingly warm tones.

For the most advantageous use of color in the interior within the same room, it is important to choose colors of similar shades, especially when decorative plaster is used. In this case, there are two options for choosing a color scheme: nuanced and based and contrasting. In the first case, the design will be done in shades close in tonality; when choosing in favor of contrast, bright, but harmoniously combined colors are selected. This option is often used when decorating children’s rooms and living rooms..

Remember: within one room, you need to combine no more than two or three shades. with lurid colors in the interior, the person in it gets tired faster, which can manifest itself as bouts of at first glance inexplicable irritability.

The standard ceiling color is white. This is because the use of this color gives a sense of spaciousness. A dark ceiling is suitable for a narrow and at the same time high room; a specific shade must be selected carefully. Warm light colors — yellow and orange, as well as green, the same white reflects more sunlight than others.

The palm tree is red. It contains such sensations as warmth, effect, this is the color of love and fire. But the room decorated in red colors looks smaller, and the ceilings in it seem to be lower. This color is good for office and kitchen decoration. Do not use it in the bedroom..

The second basic color is blue, in its perception there is a feeling of calmness, some kind of serenity. Its use is very successful when decorating the interior of small-sized rooms, and the ceiling, painted in light blue, will make the room seem visually higher and give a feeling of spaciousness.

Yellow gives the room in which it is used a rich feeling. But this color in its pure form is rarely used; it is better to muffle it a little with a combination with white and purple. It is good to use yellow when decorating a child’s room: it helps to relieve stress and maintain a «sunny» mood.

White is inherently neutral, but it has the ability to brighten up other colors. If the decision is made to decorate the rooms in white, the main thing is to add colored details to revitalize the interior..

And one more thing: when choosing a color in which you will live, the main thing is to take into account your own attitude towards it, and if it causes a negative attitude, change your mind in favor of the color that makes you feel good..