Top 5 green construction companies to follow

In today’s world, full of technological advances and concerns about preserving the environment, many construction firms are trying to be more environmentally friendly.. Not everyone succeeds on the first try. Some firms, especially small organizations in our country, are trying to pursue a green policy, but still do not fully understand the concept of this concept. What is it and which companies in the industry can be classified as the best implementers of ecology ideas in construction? About this in this article.

You can start your own company and conduct its policy with a bias towards attention to the environment. This will certainly draw attention to you, but you need to do it right. Registration of an individual entrepreneur in St. Petersburg, if you need it, takes place with the help of lawyers, for example, the legal center of the Neva Berega. And when you already organize your company, you can start doing your work under the auspices of the policy of eco-friendliness..

Broadly speaking, green companies operate in a way that minimizes environmental damage. While there are many excellent construction companies that have adopted a green philosophy, a few stand out and are particularly impressive..

The following five green construction companies can easily be considered the best in the industry:

1. Skanska (Skanska is a Swedish development company)

Perhaps one of the reasons Skanska has earned its first place in the top 5 green construction companies is the fact that the company has written a book about it. The book is called Green Thinking and outlines the company’s environmental initiatives for readers who think globally. The book also explores the idea of ​​creating a Green Society and proposes measures to help people conserve water and energy while reducing carbon emissions..

Skanska’s Green Initiative is based on three concepts:

Technology is essential for green building to exist;

Being green in the construction industry is actually a great asset in modern business development;

Being Green Can Save Money.

Some of the most visible policy details that translate into real action are the construction of sustainable buildings such as office and administrative centers. In addition, the company has many years of experience in the construction of structures that meet the parameters of «green» and energy efficient licenses..

2. Balfour Beatty (Balfour Beatty — British construction company)

Balfour Beatty is based in the United Kingdom. Over the past century, the company has developed a global presence in the industry. Expressing their commitment to green practices, Balfour Beatty has developed an entire policy designed to achieve certain green building parameters by 2020..

The company notes that they believe profitability and sustainability are not things that stand on opposite sides of the scale. These are things that should be closely connected with each other, and in order to be successful in the construction industry, you need to combine and be able to align these two concepts..

3. Turner Construction Company

It is the largest green construction company in the United States. Throughout their history, they have been deeply committed to sustainable technology and environmental protection..

In addition to building a huge number of green building accredited projects, the company has contributed to forest conservation through its online reporting program. This company has saved about 250,000 tons of waste from its work place since 2005..

4. The Haskell Company

Haskell has many completed projects with green building certifications. In addition, the company employs over 160 LEED accredited professionals..

5. Thiess (Australian Construction Company Thiess)

Tissa is a leading contractor in Australia providing construction services using sustainable technologies. Overall sustainability is an important part of the company’s methodology.

Thiess identifies three important components of its business: people, planet, profit. As part of its commitment to sustainability in construction, Tissa participates in a variety of Australian programs dedicated to reducing human impact on the environment..