Typical technique

The developed standard technique can be used as the basis for determining the economic efficiency of capital investments and new technology in the building materials industry, taking into account the specifics and local conditions of production..

The improvement of the technical level of the building materials industry, as experience shows, is achieved mainly by:

modernization of existing equipment;

replacement of obsolete low-performance equipment with new high-performance equipment;

introduction of new technological processes;

reconstruction of existing and construction of new plants.

In one case, the implementation of the above measures contributes to an increase in the degree of mechanization of labor-intensive work, the technical level and improvement of the quality indicators of the enterprise’s work, the output of products increases within the approved range, its cost decreases and labor productivity increases..

In another case, in addition to the above economic advantages, the introduction of technical measures provides an expansion of the range of products in the form of progressive, highly efficient materials, products and structures, the use of which contributes to an additional increase in the productivity of builders, a decrease in the cost and weight of structures, an increase in prefabrication and a reduction in the construction time of buildings..

The economic efficiency of capital investments is determined taking into account the existing specific features of the use of new technology in the building materials industry. The effectiveness of measures for technical progress that are not related to a change in the approved range of products (for example, modernization of equipment, replacement of low-performance machines with high-performance ones, reconstruction of factories, etc.) can be calculated without much difficulty in accordance with the standard methodology.

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