Useful things for winter

To feel comfortable in winter, people buy warm clothes and heaters, but these are not the only things people need in winter.. Today we are going to talk about the things that will make your life on the street and at home during the cold months of the year better, easier and more convenient..

First, if you live in the countryside, you should take care of things like generators, snow plows, and a nice car. For people who live in the suburbs, it is best to buy an all-terrain vehicle. For this purpose, it is worth buying crossovers (large for families with children and small for singles or unmarried couples). The car should have a can of fuel, a bottle of engine oil, spare wipers, an ice brush and a shovel. It is also advisable to get gloves for working with smartphone screens, a sleeping bag, a spare pair of warm winter shoes for walking in the snow, thermal underwear and a cheap raincoat. In the country house itself, it is necessary to keep a generator, a chainsaw and snow removal equipment (+ a shovel).

Among the generators you will find portable and stationary. Please note that cheap models will not be able to power many items in the house at the same time. On average, small portable models will keep refrigerators, pumps, lighting fixtures and some other equipment running during main power outages. You will need more powerful models if you need to work with a large number of electrical appliances and stationary models if you are going to live without access to main electricity for a long time. Usually generators are chosen according to their power and for most houses 10 kW is enough (diesel tss generator and many other models offer this power).

The snow blower is a long-term investment, which means this equipment will serve you for many years. It is not advised to save on this technique. The most popular models by all reviews have a quiet engine and steering (the snow blower should be easy to drive); the most popular models are suitable for both light snow problems and heavy blockages after a snowfall. For example, the Craftsman 88691 snow blower is not cheap, but it has a pretty high rating, and some of the premium features of this machine are available at a higher price in other devices..

When choosing a snow shovel, it is better to pay attention to ergonomic models. These shovels will keep your back from getting hurt while you are clearing snow from your porch or clearing debris in front of your car..

Inside the house (or apartments) in winter, you need: an additional heating device, a humidifier, a sleeping bag, insulation for hands and feet, winter slippers, winter bedding, a thermos and some other things.

Even if everything is fine in your apartment with heating, it is important to get an additional electric radiator, because unforeseen circumstances often leave people without heating (unexpected shutdowns or the onset of cold weather before turning on the central heating). For the same case, you need such things as sleeping bags and a thermos (a thermos also helps to save on constant heating of water, that is, it relieves the load from the kettle, which burns a lot of electricity in winter).

If your hands or feet are cold (and poor blood circulation torments almost all city dwellers), then it is better to buy hand and foot warmers or get good warm slippers, rather than turn on radiators for additional heating. You will be much more comfortable with these devices.

A humidifier is necessary in winter because the air becomes very dry in winter, including in the house. Therefore, many allergy sufferers begin to suffer especially in winter, and in some people, their skin, eyes or lips begin to dry, breathing problems or various other troubles with the body begin. If you are not sure about the indoor air in your home, buy a weather station that will tell you the exact humidity and temperature readings..

Winter home textiles are of great importance. Comfortable warmth is achieved not by layers of blankets and blankets (which create a sauna environment in the bed), but by one warm breathable blanket.

Other things to keep in the house during the winter: a supply of water, a water purifier (filter jug ​​or other options), bottles, a supply of food (long-term storage, including energy bars), a portable grill and charcoal grill, a set of the first help, medicines, flashlights, batteries, candles, tape, tools.