Walking on the water

A magical path that sets not only the route of the walk, but also the pace, not an invention! Now you trot along it, then you walk in wide strides, trying on the fancifully scattered paving slabs.

Effectively: the stones that serve as a crossing of the pond and are joined to the stepping path of the lawn made of slabs of a similar configuration and are its continuation.

Walking on water

Walking bridges can be installed in a pond that is no more than 45 cm deep.If you are placing stones in an existing pond, drain the water before starting work.

In the right place, concrete the bottom, placing a layer of mortar 5 cm. From above, build a support from a strong brick that would protrude 8-10 cm above the water. Fasten the bricks of the support with mortar, put a stone slab on top of the mortar. After 1 — 2 days, the reservoir can be filled with water and walk along the stone crossing.


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