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Warmth in the house is the most important attribute of a cozy and comfortable home.. The air temperature in the room depends on the quality of the heating system and on the ability of the walls to provide thermal insulation. In private houses and cottages, it is still possible to control the operation of heating, but in apartments this is not possible. Heating systems in most multi-storey buildings have long lost their original qualities, and in some houses their term of use expired several years ago..

But, without being able to replace the heating system, you can take advantage of the improvement in the thermal insulation properties of the walls. This is an even more effective way of insulating an apartment or house than replacing heating, since there is a big savings in money on payment for thermal energy..

The most effective and high-quality way to improve the insulation of walls in an apartment or house is external wall insulation. Every year, more and more people resort to outdoor insulation. And this is not surprising, because this procedure provides a number of advantages over a non-insulated apartment. These include:

Saving money on energy costs. This is due to the fact that external wall insulation significantly increases their thermal insulation, therefore, the heat does not go outside the house, which means that thermal energy is not wasted. The entire insulation system will pay off in 2-3 years, and will last for a long time..

Wall insulation is convenient not only in winter, but also in summer. In the hot season, significant savings are made on ventilation and air conditioning systems..

According to the president, by 2015 the system for calculating funds for heating payments will change. A heat meter will be installed in each house and apartment, which will record the consumed energy resources. Such a system confirms the reasonableness of the decision to insulate the walls from the outside. An insulated three-room apartment can be heated for the same money as a non-insulated one-room apartment.

Lack of high humidity and mold. Often, in non-insulated apartments, due to the interaction of the cold wall and warm room air, condensation forms, which manifests itself on the walls in small drops of water. Due to such high humidity, mold and fungal microorganisms appear, which are very difficult to get rid of..

Insulating the walls from the outside helps prevent mold problems. Since the outer wall remains warm under a layer of insulation, the formation of moisture and mold is excluded.

Sealing of interpanel joints. Interpanel seams, which exist in almost every panel house, are sealed before insulation. It also prevents condensation and moisture from entering the interior walls through the seams..

Protecting the walls of the house with a fencing structure. The walls of the house are protected with insulation, a reinforcing layer, a decorative layer, as a result of which a multilayer structure appears, which better retains heat and at the same time protects the facade from mechanical damage.

New facing view of the facade of the house. If the insulation is carried out in a private house, then it is possible to create a new decorative wall covering. A decorative layer applied to protect the insulation also creates an excellent cladding.

For residents of apartments, insulation of external walls with a decorative facing layer is not always possible. This is due to the fact that local authorities do not give permission to work with a change in the appearance of one strip of the house, because, at least, it does not look very aesthetically pleasing..

An advantageous solution for the construction of a new home. It is known that expanded polystyrene (foam) has high thermal insulation properties. 5 cm of this material replaces a whole meter of brick walls. Obviously, it is more rational to use extra square meters. cm inside the house, rather than cluttering up with bricks outside. Polyfoam, which is used for wall insulation, does not clutter up the structure, but it perfectly increases the thermal insulation of the walls.

All this shows how beneficial it is to insulate the walls from the outside. Insulation of private houses and cottages is not difficult, but insulation at a multi-storey level involves the use of scaffolding, ladders, industrial climbers. Modern construction companies are ready to provide such services.

There are two main types of insulation of walls of an apartment or house: with the application of thin plaster layers and by the method of a hinged facade. Each of them has its own subtleties, and assumes insulation with different materials. Both insulation systems are very effective and popular, due to the growing number of people who want to insulate walls, keep warm in the house, and, therefore, create a cozy and comfortable environment..

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