We build a gazebo with our own hands

Each of us on a personal plot would not refuse to have a gazebo in which one could lead warm summer evenings with friends, sit in thought or, say, fry barbecue. How to make a gazebo with your own hands?

First, we need to take care of the foundation of the structure. Since the gazebo is a small-scale construction object, instead of the usual pit foundation, we can use, for example, worn-out car tires. To do this, take 4 tires (or according to the number of bases of the gazebo), insert the stakes into them and pour concrete.

After it hardens, you can proceed directly to the construction. The best material, both in terms of price and quality, will certainly be glued laminated timber. It must be laid evenly, inserting each cobbled log, one on each side, along the entire perimeter of the structure..

After the timber is laid, we make the base for the roof. It is made in the form of a cut cross from any boards that are on the farm. Then there was little left: to lay the roofing. For a gazebo, slate or metal tiles would be ideal..