We build a summer cottage

A gazebo is a very important attribute of any summer cottage or house outside the city.. It allows you to hide from the rain or sun, and also creates a sense of completeness of the entire territory. In addition, you can have a great time in it in good company. The gazebo is small in size and must also be made of wood or metal. There must be benches and a table inside the gazebo. The gazebo can be of various shapes, sizes and designs.

The shape and design of the gazebo depends primarily on what seasons it will be most often used. Summer gazebos, as a rule, are made of an open type, so that it simply protects the people in it from the sun and a light breeze blows through it. In summer gazebos, as a rule, lattice walls are used, and the entire structure, including the roof, rests on small posts. If the gazebo will be most often used in winter, then it will be more acceptable to make it a closed type with good walls and windows, to protect from wind and cold.

The size of the gazebo depends directly on the number of people it should accommodate, on the size of the territory available to you and, of course, on your wallet. If you have a lot of friends and you like to get together in a large and cheerful company in your country house, you should build a large and spacious gazebo that will accommodate many people, at the same time, you should not build large structures for several people, it should be limited to a small and compact structure.

If there is enough space on your site and you can choose several locations for the gazebo, then make sure that the view from it is the best. In turn, the structure itself should be visible from all corners of your site. It is not advisable to build a gazebo in the middle of your site. The best option would be to build it near one of the fences of your site or under several trees..

It is best to use wood as the material for the gazebo. This material is one of the most economical and beautiful. Of course, the gazebo should stand as long as possible, and therefore it is worth treating the entire tree with a special varnish to reduce rotting. Ready-made metal gazebos are very popular today, but they are several times more expensive than wooden ones..