We build our own bath

The construction of baths in our country is not just an ancient tradition, but also a favorite place for rest, relaxation and a wellness complex of bath procedures..

In our country there is not a single person who has never tried to steam with a broom on a bath shelf in his life, and did not know that a bath is the best way to remove salts, toxins from the body and burn calories.

The construction of baths is so widespread that quite often people build them at their dacha either as an extension to the cottage, and sometimes inside the house, and here many people have a question of what is the best way to build a bath. There are even such buildings in apartments, however, saunas are slightly different from the traditional baths. Baths are equipped, most often, in separate structures, the so-called annexes or outbuildings. For the construction of a bath, it is necessary to obtain permission from local executive bodies and according to the fire inspection.

If you decide to build a bathhouse outside the city or in the village, then it is better to realize your dream near a reservoir: a river or a lake, in a deserted place where there are no trees. Baths are also built on elevations..

The dimensions of the sauna building can be chosen according to taste, however, it is necessary to take into account the conditions for placing fuel, equipment and other important things. It is better to build village baths with soap rooms, in which it will be possible to accommodate both adults and children and even those for whom bath washing is contraindicated for health reasons.

The family bath, as a rule, has a small area and includes a dressing room, soap and steam room. Although limiting yourself to just one steam room will also be enough.

What is better to build a bath from

In villages, baths are often built, which include a dressing room, an entrance hall and a steam room, which can be used as a washing room at the same time. The most common option for building a bath is a wooden house or a stone structure, which are located near a residential building..

To lay a solid foundation, it is better to use concrete or brick, since the wooden foundation will quickly deteriorate and collapse. It is recommended not to use silicate or red slotted bricks. And all the same, what is better to build a bath from? ?

Brick or block walls are quite strong, but they heat up slowly and, more often than not, remain cold. At the same time, water leaks appear on the walls of the building..

Log walls and coverings heat up and absorb the resulting moisture into themselves, so wooden baths are more comfortable and warmer.

To build a bath, it is best to use dry polished wood, which can be painted over with any oil paint.

The roof of the bath can be varied and made of any material: roofing felt, tiled, slate and so on..

As a rule, in a soap or steam room, one small window is made, no higher than one meter from the flooring.

The floors in the baths should be made of polished boards laid on sand or gravel so that the drained water has something to absorb

The dressing room, which later serves as a dressing room, should be warmed up from the oven, one side of which should go into this room.

It is not necessary to make a window in the dressing room, but you can conduct light. But if you do, then it shouldn’t be big either..

Thresholds to the dressing room and steam room must be made high to keep warm.

You can place the benches in the dressing room as you like. Hangers and a table for drinks and food can complement the interior..

Equip the washing or steam room with shelves in the form of tiers. A stove is placed in the corner or on the side to heat the water. It should be noted that when the firebox of the stove enters the pre-bath, the stove should not be tightly adjacent to the walls..

More often, sauna stoves are installed in the baths, which serve to heat the water and the room itself, as well as give steam to the steam room.

Such a furnace has a special compartment for loading boulders and other stones..

Also, the stove with a boiler is very easy to use and has a wide section for loading stones, which can be poured with water through the door at the bottom, while the upper door serves for supplying steam..

For the modern construction of a bath, there are many different options for arrangements and finishes. The constructed bath will serve and delight you for many and many years.


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