What can be your terrace?

The terrace is a part of the house, which is a kind of transitional link from the garden (plot) to the house. The site can be fenced and unfenced, while it is not glazed or heated.

The most common option is the summer terrace, which serves as a kind of continuation of the entrance. However, in some cases, the terraces are raised to higher levels, up to the roof. The terrace can be made with a roof or awning, or equipped with awnings and awnings.


In our latitudes, it is recommended to make a terrace on the south, south-east or south-west side of the house, while its size should be related to the size of the building. Usually terraces are made in the same style as the house. For example, a vintage or Provence-style terrace looks great with a wooden house, and a minimalist, modern classic or ascetic Japanese extension in a modern brick house..


The first thing you need to pay special attention to when arranging a terrace is the floor. As a floor covering, you can use artificial stone, tiles, durable woods (cedar or so) and other materials that can be used outdoors. In some cases, high-quality linoleum or porcelain stoneware is used. However, the material must be very durable, because it will be constantly exposed to sunlight, atmospheric phenomena, temperature extremes, etc. At the same time, do not forget about the chosen style for the terrace. For example, modern styles can use paving slabs, country styles can use wide deck planks, and Mediterranean styles can use mosaics..


If you decide that your terrace should have a fence, in addition to the outer wall of the house, then try not to get confused by the options offered by the market and designers. Most often, pergolas are used — structures of repeating sections, which are interconnected by transverse bars and serve as a support for creeping and climbing plants. You can use perennial shrubs, trimmed in a certain way, or boxes and pots of flowers, such as roses, as well as rattan or bamboo, as a fence.


Lighting fixtures used on the terrace should be made of waterproof and insulated materials to provide the necessary safety. Today you can buy street lamps made in the most versions — from antique to ultramodern models. This allows you to choose exactly the lamp that fits perfectly into the interior of the terrace..


The terrace should have furniture that is resistant to damage and weathering. It is recommended to buy special garden furniture, which can be both very affordable, for example, plastic, and very expensive, for example, forged by art forging. The most common option is wicker furniture. It comes in a variety of styles, allowing it to be used in any design. There is also furniture made of solid solid wood, upholstered with wear-resistant and moisture-proof materials..

In general, it can be said that furniture made of plastic, pine, cedar, teak, metal or glass can be used on the terrace. As an addition, you can use various pillows, mattresses and blankets, but it is better to store these textiles in the house and take them out to the terrace as needed..

In conclusion, let’s say that the style of the terrace is largely determined by its purpose — will you relax here, drink tea with friends or work.


This version of the terrace was made by the designer of GMF + Associates (gmfplus). Simple wood floor, simple lighting. Furniture for a comfortable sitting. A little further on the terrace has furniture for outdoor dining.

This version of the terrace was made by Sheldon Pennoyer (spennoyerarchitects). Such a terrace is also a fairly simple solution, but it adds a huge visual and functional plus to the house..

This version of the terrace was made by the designer of Plantation Building (plantationbuildingcorp).

This version of the terrace was designed by Jamison Howard (maxcrosbyconstruction). Please note that the walls of the house and the floor of the terrace are made of the same material..

This version of the terrace was made by a designer from Structures Building (structures.net).

This version of the terrace is by Christian Rice Architects, Inc (christianrice).

This version of the terrace was made by Siemasko + Verbridge (svdesign).

This version of the terrace was made by Summerour Architects (summerour.net).

We hope that all our tips and photo ideas from great companies will help you design your own terrace. Good luck to you and your country house!