What changes to make to the project of the house to turn it into a fabulous cottage

We often come across basic standard projects, which in some cases attract our attention, in others they cause indignation with their routine. Although any typical project is not the same as a custom-made work, such options save customers a lot of money. Another thing is that you can make a number of changes that will make your home stand out from the rest. Today, we would like to delve deeper into the basic adjustments that can be made to the house to turn it into a fabulous building, comparable to illustrations of beautiful stories..

A very good solution for your fabulous home would be a relatively high stone base, which is either lined with stones of different shapes (not standard bricks) or decorated with finishing materials. Designing a house here is of great importance, since the foundation is a very important functional part of the structure, not to mention the fact that with its help you can give the building a certain appearance..

The lower part of the house, whether it is the first floor or a high base, for such unusual projects should be made in such a way as to look like handwork, and not a smooth machine blank, therefore, instead of smooth cement or even bricks, we recommend a variety of randomly laid stone structures … We remind you that all this can be achieved with the help of finishing materials, and not original construction materials. There is no need to change the structure itself, and you can change the design by finishing without changing the cost for the design..

If you have a two-story building, then you can divide it vertically with texture and colors. A light base can vertically grow into the second floor with a narrow architectural element in several places of the building, and the walls of the second floor can be decorated with a dark color and a completely different texture.

To beautifully decorate a house in a modern fairytale style, we advise you to look at examples of buildings in Disney cartoons, and then mentally combine these structures with the architecture of the Tudor era. This is what will give you great results..

If you are looking to create a fairytale house in the style of popular structures of popular cartoon characters, then we recommend a flexible roof with large rounded shapes. This will make some changes to the project, but in combination with stone trim and tiles, such a house will be very welcoming and soft..

A fairytale cottage usually has a standard color palette that includes creams, browns and rusts, as well as colors that go well with the forest. However, this does not mean that you will need to forbid yourself to use bright yellows, blues or reds. With their help, if desired, you can make accents in architecture..

The fabulous houses are distinguished by their detail. The exterior of such a house has many details and architectural forms. They can be simple and repetitive, but they have to be. So, the stones or materials with a stone pattern that we mentioned earlier, which are so suitable for decorating fabulous cottages, are one of the details if they are not laid out in a strict order..

And further. It is very important that the windows and doors match your fabulous building. It may take some perseverance here to find the right option. Even grates can be used here, but do not forget about the details. Details play a vital role here too..

In general, to create a fabulous cottage, you will need to follow these rules:

Create a feeling that the whole house is the result of handicraft (or the work of a group of hardworking gnomes, if that is closer to you)

Use natural building materials or substitutes that look like natural building materials, but never leave the home decor sleek and industrial.

Use details. Even a small window in the visor above the porch, which may seem meaningless from the point of view of functionality, will greatly change the appearance of the building. And different columns, bends, bulges will make it even stronger..

Fairy houses usually have stoves, so plan a chimney and a nice chimney right away, and since you’re doing it anyway, make some chimneys (for stoves and fireplaces).

Feel free to bulges. If in your house the window is not just sewn into the wall, but the wall has a kind of bulge, and there is still a visor above it, then this will create a greater sense of a fairy tale.

The shape of the roof is of great importance for transforming a building into a fairytale home. Illustrations of fantasy stories usually show buildings where the roof has a lot of elements, irregularities, towers and other unusual shapes, including beautiful architectural elements..

Flip through fairy tales and watch cartoons. It will inspire you a lot..