What to do with plastic windows? The bitter experience of new settlers

This is not an idle question. Modern houses in accordance with GOST are equipped with plastic windows with 2-chamber double-glazed windows (3 glasses). As well as the same balcony doors. The windows on the loggias are also plastic, but with 1 glass. But all this economy is made of such a bad profile and so carelessly that it is just right to grab a head. But let’s start in order.

The plastic window on the loggia must be replaced with at least single-chamber double-glazed windows: one glass will constantly fog up, should you cook soup or wash the floor. By and large, when entering a new apartment, all windows and balcony doors need to be broken down, a good company should be hired and replaced with new ones. It will be very expensive, but will save you from further problems..

Since double-glazed windows are installed the cheapest: many of them show that the glass was wiped with an old fluffy rag during installation, and these fibers remained in the window.

And worse, all these plastic structures were installed in violation of the norms. Until the repair is started, it is really possible to break down all the building windows and doors and replace them humanly. But if, to your misfortune, you bought an apartment in the summer, you can calmly proceed with the repair and decoration. After all, in the summer it is imperceptible how strongly it blows from loosely adjacent windows.

And when winter comes, you will suddenly feel the icy cold flowing from the windows.

To prevent it from blowing out of plastic windows, several installation conditions must be observed:

• The correct size of the window or door relative to the jamb: according to GOST, the overlap of a closed window or door must be at least 12 mm;

• Correct installation of the supporting profile of the jambs should be straight vertically and horizontally and not have bulging anywhere.

• Correct installation of hardware locks: sometimes the missing 3-4 millimeters do not provide a snug fit.

Alas, builders almost never fulfill these standards. The jambs and frames do not match in size, and there is no need to talk about the installation of jambs by level at all.

Plastic windows and doors are of two types: rotary — which simply open and close — and swing-out, which can be opened at an angle for ventilation.

Swing-out structures are preferable from the point of view of heat, since they have locks on both sides (both on the handle side and on the hinge side).

Ordinary pivot frames are pressed by locks only from the side of the handle. On the side of the hinges, there are devices that seem to provide clamping of the frame, but they are effective only if the frame is set correctly.

Builders attach the frame profile to the peephole, and these hold-down devices do not work, since the frame is bent.

When the repair has already been done, the slopes at the windows and doors are decorated with a finishing corner, etc., it is already difficult to decide to break out unusable windows and change to new ones.

The first and least effective way is to glue the part of the window (or door) where the hinges are located with basic masking tape. It will peel off from time to time, but will save you from the ice stream.

The only really radical way to ensure that poorly installed windows and doors are pressed is to put tilt-and-turn fittings on all windows and doors. Which, of course, without changing the hinges, will work like a regular pivot, but has adjustable locks on both sides and will provide you with a normal clamping of windows.

It is expensive. One set of good quality tilt-and-turn fittings costs about 1,000 rubles. But personal comfort is still more expensive..

And finally, when winter comes, you will find that at least half of your windows have unsealed double-glazed windows: stars, Christmas trees and other gifts from builders will appear inside them..

This is a very bad thing..

If you remember, old houses had two frames. Who insulated the apartment in winter. Double-glazed windows — especially two-chamber ones — must provide the same sealing and obstacle to cold air. Depressurized double-glazed windows let the cold through. In one way or another, but they do not fulfill their functions. And by and large, they need to be changed. The trouble is that today a high-quality German profile is not brought to Russia, and workers at factories do not comply with the standards in the manufacture of double-glazed windows..

But changing them is also money, money, and money. I’m not even talking about the annual drawdown of balcony doors. I just recommend that you find a good window company that would supervise you as a regular client and come in such cases..

When you delve into all this, you understand that today Potemkin villages are being built under the guise of elite houses..