What you need to know about automotive patterns from Autopatterns: their benefits

Motorists have many ways to improve the car. Customization knows no bounds, and many cars use all sorts of additional options — tinting, for example. Some improvements can save you a lot of money. We’re talking about automotive patterns. Car interior patterns are in demand, however, outdoor patterns are required even more often.


The car does not suffer much from trips on city roads, but as soon as you leave the city, the situation worsens. Dust, small stones, bushes scratch and damage the coating. Fresh beautiful varnish turns into a very dull sight. Therefore, many motorists use special anti-gravel films to protect their property. These are transparent or colored canvases made of polyurethane or vinyl. They take hits first, keeping the paintwork intact.

But film sticker requires certain skills. The canvas needs to be cut, excess pieces need to be cut out of it. To do this, use a clerical knife. The risk of damaging your own coating of the machine from this greatly increases. Such a defect will be under the film, and it will be difficult to remove it.

Therefore, there are automotive patterns. These are ready-made film templates designed for pasting specific parts.

They are cut in advance — you don’t have to mess around with pruning, and the knife will definitely not scratch the coating. Perfect fit to the shape of the body and interior provides a secure fit and good protection. Many patterns are colored — they help at the same time make the car look more original.

Why Autopatterns

The most difficult thing in the pattern is the manufacture of a template that perfectly fits the parameters of the part. It is important to accurately calculate the parameters of the future pattern. This is done by specialized equipment.

Autopatterns is able to create patterns for any car, truck, motorcycle. There is an extensive database of ready-made patterns. All that is required of the visitor is to choose the right one and send it for cutting.

How to work

To pick up a pattern using Autopatterns, you need to know the car thoroughly. In addition to the brand and model, the year of manufacture is important — depending on it, the location of different elements may differ. Pay attention to the equipment of the machine — different sets of options lead to a slightly different appearance. If there were custom improvements like new mirrors, this must be taken into account, otherwise the pattern will not fall.

The Autopatterns website has a catalog of ready-made patterns. Select the purpose of the product (body, interior, truck, motorcycle), make and model of the car. Examine the proposed options and select the appropriate template or several. Add them to your cart and pay.