Where does the repair begin?

Repair is a rather complex process, where many factors must be taken into account.. First of all, you should decide what kind of repairs you want to carry out in your country house. Repair can be major or cosmetic. Do you want to renovate all the rooms or just some of them?.

With cosmetic repairs, as a rule, surfaces are renewed — walls, floor and ceiling. Overhaul can include replacing windows and furniture, leveling the ceiling and walls, replacing floors, repairing electrics and replacing plumbing..

And if during a cosmetic repair there are no special problems, then during a major repair, each step must obey its own rules. Particular attention should initially be paid to electrical wiring and all plumbing and plumbing pipes. It is from this stage that it is worth starting. If you are familiar with electrical engineering, it is good, if not, then it is worth inviting a qualified specialist. After all the wiring and sockets are in order, you can start replacing the pipes. If repair work takes place in winter, we advise you to use a greenhouse..

Why in this order? All wiring must be in perfect condition by the time all other work begins, as many electrical tools are used during the repair. And also this is done in order not to return to this issue anymore. Imagine that you have made a renovation. And suddenly a closure occurs. Because of the heavy load on the network or for some other reason, it doesn’t matter. However, in order to eliminate this malfunction, you will have to spoil the walls..

The same applies to all plumbing systems. When all pipes have been replaced, you can proceed to the next stage of repair..

According to the rules, renovation begins with the kitchen and bathroom. For the kitchen space, you will need to think over the design of your future kitchen. Will you have additional lighting and built-in household appliances, since depending on this, the water supply system is supplied, wiring is done and additional sockets are installed.

The choice of materials is made based on the capabilities of your wallet, as well as on the future interior of your kitchen. It is worth remembering that most stores, if all materials are purchased in one place, can provide various discounts. However, before starting a global revolution in your home, it is worth visiting not one, but several stores. It is possible that different stores will have different prices for the same materials..

So, your bathroom and kitchen are already ready. Where to proceed next? If you are changing windows, then the next step is the installation of double-glazed windows. After the windows, we change the batteries, if they require it. But if you decide to completely transform your home, then get rid of old batteries. It is best to start with the farthest room in your home. Last but not least, the hallway is created. Insofar as there is always a lot of garbage during repairs and it is taken out through the hallway, therefore it is done last..

It is worth noting that when it is not possible to do all the repairs at once, then it can be done gradually, following the rule of the order of repair work. In other words, first the bathroom and the kitchen, then the farthest room, then the next — the living room or another room, and last of all the hallway.

When repairing, you should also take into account the following point — will you carry out all the work yourself or will have to invite masters. These are additional costs. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to calculate all your possibilities..

What materials should be used for repairs? Of course, those that are environmentally friendly. The rest is a matter of your taste and desire..

Furniture is not a problem these days. A huge selection will satisfy any demand. Also, furniture can be ordered according to an individual project, but it will also cost more. Various types of wardrobes are in great demand. With their help, you can arrange a dressing room, an entrance hall, they are perfect in the living room and bedroom, as well as in the nursery..

By and large, there are no problems in the repair. It is important to get rid of old and unnecessary things. Before starting repair work, as much as possible, empty the room in which the repair will be carried out. All work should be carried out in stages, without starting at the same time to repair the kitchen and living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Step by step, room by room, and you have your dream home.

A little advice, if when organizing the kitchen you plan to highlight, then you should set aside about ten percent from the kitchen budget. This amount is enough for all the fixtures..

If you follow these simple rules, then very soon your home will be transformed..