Where to buy an apartment in Adler or Sochi?

Sochi and Adler are the most popular options for moving to the Krasnodar Territory. The rapid growth of infrastructure and the emergence of a large number of new buildings are the main arguments in choosing. However, not all so simple. The question of where to buy an apartment in Adler or Sochi torments many. Let’s try to figure it out together.

Sochi and its real estate market

Sochi has many regalia, including the glory of one of the most expensive cities in the country. The spontaneous growth of construction on the eve of the Olympics has created some problems that lower the rating of purchasing attractiveness of real estate, but, surprisingly, do not affect the price..

The minuses of Sochi are:

the proliferation of «stone jungles» — neighborhoods with very dense buildings that do not even have a hint of landscaping;

lack of parking lots, playgrounds for children, elements of social infrastructure both for secondary housing and for a number of new buildings;

traffic jams, difficult transport accessibility;

overvalued real estate of all types.

The cost of housing can range from 55 to 150 thousand rubles per square meter in middle-level houses. At the same time, comfortable secondary market apartments located in quiet areas with good surroundings can cost more than a premium high-rise building. The law “farther from the center — cheaper” does not always work. However, the decline in the income of potential buyers and the high saturation of the new real estate market restrain prices and force developers to make concessions in order to return the investments made under the “old” course..

Should you buy an apartment in Sochi? It all depends on your goals. If you have a family and a business, children need education, and affairs need constant monitoring, central Sochi is for you. It will be more convenient for older people to live in a quieter and greener area, and for those who only plan to have a rest in Sochi, it is better to simply rent housing as needed. Potential income may not cover the costs of year-round maintenance and management, and the cost of real estate is such that this money is more than enough for 50, or even for all 100 summer vacations.

Residential real estate Adler

Today Adler is the center of the Adler region of Sochi. Until recently, it was a fairly small settlement with an attractive proximity to the sea and a mild climate. After the decision to hold the Games, sports facilities were built here, and the local population was centrally relocated to new quarters, which continue to be built up and expanded today..

Advantages of buying a home in Adler

accessibility of Sochi, proximity to the coast;

excellent ecology, even climate;

developed infrastructure, a large number of new cultural and entertainment facilities;

high level of equipment and affordability of new buildings.

At the same time, it is necessary to underline a number of features that complicate the purchase of apartments and houses in Adler. The main one is a large number of intermediaries who cleverly substitute the concepts of “apartment” and “residential premises” and strive to sell outright illiquid assets at an inflated price. The second challenge is prices. Not everyone wants to live in a new-build anthill, and the price difference between new houses and apartments in the old districts of Adler reaches 30%.

Another point is the dependence on the location of not only prices, but also comfort and even the type of new housing. So, in the popular resort microdistrict «Chkalovsky» the cost of a square varies within 100 thousand rubles, and you will not find a high-rise building here. The offer is limited to the private sector, which is densely built up with low-rise hotels, so it is possible to live on the best coast, but it is expensive and inconvenient due to the large number of tourists..

Comfort will be provided by such residential districts of Adler as Blinovo and Golubye Dali. But here — a typical building, five-story buildings, no cottages and mountainous terrain around. The price is low, in the region of 60-70 thousand, since the sea is a little more than 3 km. and there are the aforementioned cons.

The center is an expensive and prestigious area, no different from the central part of thousands of cities across the country. Here the benefits of civilization are at hand, but the choice of real estate is scary with prices ~ 90 thousand per square meter and above.

Should you buy an apartment in Adler? Yes, it is worth it if you want to move to the Krasnodar Territory. Given the problems of a fast-growing city (traffic jams, roads, underdeveloped infrastructure), Adler has excellent prospects for leveling the situation and has more pleasant housing prices than Sochi.

The author of the article: a representative of the site vincent-realty, on the page of which offersapartmentsrayon-adler you can find a complete list of offers for the sale of apartments in Adler.