Which floor screed mixtures should be chosen?

Shop-Kovalska online store shop.kovalska offers a large selection of dry mixes for high quality floor screed. The mixtures for the floor screed of the Siltek trademark were made according to European standards, they are an environmentally friendly material that is designed to increase the strength of the floor..

Floor screed mixes from Siltek help to level the surface quickly and efficiently. Now it has become easy to make a screed in an ordinary residential apartment thanks to the availability of modern screed mixes! There is no need for large areas for mixing mortar or storing building materials. Convenience and efficiency of screed construction work is due to the use of special dry screed mixes from Siltek.

In the Shop-Kovalska store you will find dry mixes for leveling the floor, made according to an improved recipe. Depending on the type of mixture, the screed can be applied in different thicknesses. Thanks to a large selection of leveling devices, the screed can be designed for various temperature and humidity conditions, withstand even the heaviest loads.

Siltek screed sweepers, presented in the Shop-Kovalska online store, eliminate even the largest irregularities, reaching 10 centimeters in level (mixture for rough screed). Finishing screed mixtures remove small irregularities, for this it is enough to apply a screed one centimeter thick.