Which windows should you choose?

A window is an important element of any structure, it is its decoration and eyes. Windows should fit into the design of the house, complement it. Modern technologies make it possible to produce window frames from a wide variety of materials. But here are the windows to choose among all this variety, because each type has advantages and disadvantages.

What are the windows?

On the construction market, buyers are offered windows made of a wide variety of materials, but the following are in greatest demand:

metal-plastic windows (the main materials for such windows are polyvinyl chloride, plastic);

wooden windows;

aluminum windows.

Despite the fact that metal-plastic windows are in the greatest demand today, the country’s population is gradually returning to wooden windows, which, thanks to the use of double-glazed windows, practically do not compromise on PVC windows. Until recently, aluminum windows were used in industrial buildings and offices, but recently they began to be used for individual construction. To still understand which windows to install, let’s see what their fundamental differences are..

Metal-plastic windows

The use of metal-plastic windows began more than 50 years ago (in Western Europe). Recently, they have made themselves felt in the CIS. At first, not every citizen of the country could afford this kind of windows. But today such pleasure is available to everyone..

The positive qualities of metal-plastic windows include, firstly, a very long service life. According to the manufacturer’s warranty, the service life is at least 42 years (with proper maintenance).

In addition, metal-plastic windows function perfectly at ambient temperatures from -60 to +65 degrees Celsius. This material is considered fireproof, since it does not support combustion, and under the influence of high temperatures it only melts, while it does not emit toxic and harmful substances.

The main disadvantages of metal-plastic windows is the lack of the ability to «breathe», in accordance with which, the room where they are installed should be periodically ventilated. Although manufacturers claim that polyvinyl chloride is a safe and environmentally friendly substance, nevertheless, such windows are made of unnatural material, and it is impossible to check its harmfulness (or harmlessness) in domestic conditions..

Wooden windows

Today wooden windows are made in two ways: traditional (from ordinary wooden beams) and European (from Eurobeams). Naturally, the prices for these types of windows will differ significantly. True, the quality will also differ..

In the production of traditional windows, either one or two glasses are used. Ordinary wooden windows, although cheap, do not have very high quality and service life. Therefore, they are most often used in such cases as glazing of utility structures, for cosmetic repairs at home, etc..

Compared to traditional windows, Eurobeam windows are in great demand. For their production, a three-layer hardwood bar is used. Due to the multi-layer, the service life of such windows is much longer than in the previous ones. Since the production technology is very difficult and complex, then, accordingly, the price for them is very high..

The main advantages of wooden windows will be: they are made of natural material (which means they are environmentally friendly), they are ideally combined with wooden doors, wooden flooring, furniture, they look natural. In addition, wood «breathes» by letting air through micropores. The disadvantages include the high cost (windows made of eurobeam), the need for periodic maintenance (it should be systematically varnished to avoid negative environmental impact).

Aluminum windows

Aluminum windows are most often used in the manufacture of large window frames, for glazing terraces and summer gardens in private houses. Thanks to modern technologies, they perfectly keep heat indoors, and aluminum windows are also distinguished by a huge variety of design solutions..

The main advantages are a long service life (at least 50 years), aesthetic appearance, a high level of fire resistance, does not corrode

Previously, aluminum windows were installed only on public buildings, structures, and industrial facilities. They were expensive and were not thought to have sufficient cold protection potential. And now they can be found in residential buildings. This is due to the introduction of new technologies into the production of aluminum windows. Now such windows protect the room well from the cold, differ in a variety of design solutions..