Who to entrust the construction of a log house

Russia has long been famous for chopped buildings, and building such houses was, perhaps, akin to art, since not many owned the technique, although, as they say, they lived and served in chopped buildings.. And even today, when the technology for the construction of log cabins has been studied and improved quite well, and also they began to use a lot of modern materials and use the help of technical equipment, building a log house according to all the rules does not seem to be an easy task. However, the number of people who want to live in a wooden and environmentally friendly dwelling is growing, the question arises of how to build it correctly or who should be entrusted with the construction of a log house. The answer to this question is quite simple. It is necessary to select a construction company that would have experience in this type of construction and have been doing this kind of work for more than one year. Surely, here you will be able to show pictures of those objects that have already been put into operation, as well as provide contacts of their former clients so that you can hear feedback about their work, so to speak, firsthand. In addition, you will definitely be shown those objects where construction has not yet been completed, and you will be able to communicate directly with the craftsmen and builders. Also, you may be offered to pay attention to the material and make a choice for making a log house. Experts recommend using northern forest timber in construction, since its quality is considered to be one of the best. Among other things, when ordering a blank for the construction of a log house in the form of a finished log house, do not lose sight of the method of its manufacture. It is advisable to choose the work of that construction team, which in its work mainly uses hand tools and does not use special equipment. After all, a real Russian log house is famous for its manual work, and even greater skill of the construction team and a stock of experience, where dexterity and dexterity play the most important role. So, having decided that we are building turnkey log houses, you need to keep in mind that the work on its construction will take place in several stages:

On a specially designated site, the log must be prepared, followed by its processing;

For the direct manufacture of a log house for a house, only tools for manual labor should be involved in the work: axes, knives or chainsaws. The use of technology in work is permissible only to reduce the physical efforts of workers. These can be trucks or cranes;

It will be great if the craftsmen who cut down the blockhouse and assemble it. After all, only they will know about any subtleties that may arise during felling. And this means that it is they, like no one else, who are able to assemble it efficiently..

If we talk about the timing, then you have to be patient. In addition, a lot will depend on how complex the building project will be and how much its area is planned. The construction of some cottages sometimes takes up to twelve months or more, but as a reward for the patience shown, the customer will receive a real masterpiece in the style of Russian architecture. After all, creating a log house according to all the rules is akin to making jewelry. You should not trust companies that promise to meet the construction in a shorter time, since a fresh blockhouse takes time to shrink, which will last about a year. And only after this time, it will be possible to start cutting openings for windows and doors. If you do not intend to expect so much, then the option of purchasing a ready-made log house will suit you, any of the construction companies can build a house from which. It is equally important, after completing the construction of a log house, to think about how the finishing work will be carried out, through which the log house will turn into a comfortable home. Perhaps, the implementation of this should also be entrusted to professionals, and those of them who specialize in finishing chopped buildings and have experience in such work. Thus, taking into account that wood construction dates back to antiquity, when no technologies were yet developed, and each of the construction work was carried out manually using an ax and a saw. Nevertheless, today there is a development of a trend towards the fact that old traditions, including in construction, are returning. This can be clearly seen in the increased demand for hand-cut houses. However, in view of the fact that it is simply not possible to build such a structure on your own, without having practical experience and the necessary skill, it is necessary to contact specialists who know their business and will not make unforgivable mistakes in their work..