Why align walls

Why align walls

Material for repair

It takes great patience and accuracy to level the walls.. This procedure is necessary for any coating to easily lay on smooth walls..

First you need to put a base, which is a mixture of plaster. Once dry, it will give the coating strength and hardness. If the walls are made of bricks, then it is necessary to apply a special mesh in order to avoid disturbing the overall integrity of the coating when applying the plaster. After repairs, you can learn more about osmo oil, this information is very useful.

Now let’s get down to filling. This way you can achieve an almost perfect surface. To save time, use a quick-setting mixture so you don’t have to wait long for each coat to dry. The whole process will take about a day. At the end, the surface is sanded by sanding.

Smooth walls have their advantages:

• If the coating is applied on a flat surface, it looks much more spectacular..

• Easier to glue the wallpaper and the end result is much better.

• When leveling, all cracks and other imperfections are repaired.