Winter construction

Almost every inhabitant of our country strives to have a country house. This is due to the high levels of gas pollution in cities and the intense rhythm of life. In order to be able, at least sometimes, to relax outside the city, breathe fresh air, take a steam bath and escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. However, not everyone has the opportunity to build a house in the summer. Despite this, almost everyone tries to build in the summer. As a result, there are long-term construction projects, since there is simply a sorely lack of summer time. And vacation is not enough, and the land requires attention, and you never know what else.

Consider winter construction. In this case, there are several advantages. Firstly, the winter forest is more resistant to the appearance of fungal formations and rotting, since the growing season is terminated, all pores are closed and there is no movement of juices. Therefore, the winter forest will contain a minimum amount of moisture. Secondly, insects that live in trees are dormant in winter and your house will be protected from the invasion of various harmful bugs. Thirdly, in winter there is a more uniform shrinkage of the house, and in the summer you will be able to carry out all the finishing work..

To further protect the tree from various negative factors, it can be treated with special antiseptics that will prevent bark beetles from starting, mold and mildew to form. Although, as a rule, winter woods are quite resistant to these troubles, antiseptics can protect the tree from the effects of cold temperatures and prevent cracking. Therefore, in this case, you choose.

The only drawback is that in severe frosts the tree becomes rather fragile and hammering nails in this case is not recommended..

If you managed to make the foundation, that’s great. If not, then in winter there are no obstacles to laying it down. Then you can resort to the old technology — order to start with the removal of snow from the site and then spread fires around the perimeter to warm the ground or use heat guns. In this case, special shelters are installed, inside which the guns are located and a comfortable temperature for work is created. And specially developed frost-resistant additives will allow concrete to harden gradually, without freezing. Before putting a house on such a foundation, it takes about one month for complete hardening..

Then you can safely put the log house. It should be noted that for a more even drying of the house, it is necessary to keep the doors and windows open so that there are no temperature drops inside and outside the house. And naturally, heating the house until all the work is completed is not worth it. Thanks to this, in the future, you can avoid the appearance of unnecessary gaps. The tree will dry out evenly, and the house will shrink evenly, which avoids deformation of the structure in the future..

You should also pay attention to the installation of truss systems. It is better to do this at a time when there are no positive daytime temperatures, due to which ice may form from the snow that fell on the eve and its thawing. In general, all work with wood is best done when frosty weather is established. However, if the temperature drops below 25 degrees, then it will be more difficult to work. Recall that the lower the temperature, the more fragile the wood becomes..

The erected house will now stand until summer. Just by this time, its complete shrinkage will occur and it will be possible to start finishing work. Now you can see that winter construction is more efficient. If the house is built in the summer, then you will be able to do the finishing only next summer. And, as a rule, in summer the land requires a lot of attention and there may simply not be enough time for everything. In addition, in winter, the technology used will cause less damage to the earth than in summer. And construction waste is easier to clean up in winter..

It is worth noting another plus of winter construction. Insofar as the majority prefers to be built in the summer, then in the winter, due to the low demand, various discounts appear both for materials and for work. Therefore, in economic terms, you can only win.

If you cannot, for some reason, carry out the construction yourself, trust the professionals. It will be faster and more reliable.

A few tips. If you have a foundation ready, but you cannot continue construction yet, then it is worth protecting the foundation from weather factors. You can cover the foundation with a dense film that will protect it from excess moisture. If the roof is not completed, then the building must be closed with roofing material. And if the house is almost ready, then it is necessary to install temporary doors and windows that will not allow moisture and snow to penetrate inside the house..

And don’t forget about safety precautions..