Wooden windows: features and types of wood

Wooden construction has a very ancient history. Wooden windows have also been an integral part of construction for a long time, but in the middle of the twentieth century, plastic windows were invented, and wooden windows had to make room. However, today wooden windows made of pine, oak, larch and other species are becoming popular again. This is largely due to the natural and acquired properties of the tree. If for the manufacture of windows high-quality wood was used, dried to the required moisture level and treated with protective agents, if high-quality components were used, and the profile was painted with high-quality materials, then wooden windows will last a very long time. Also, the type of wood itself affects the durability of windows, according to some experts..


Wooden profiles must be protected from moisture ingress. To do this, they are first primed and then coated with water-based paint. The structure is primed by dipping — this provides greater uniformity and deeper penetration of the antiseptic, which cannot be achieved when spraying or applying with a brush.


Moisture resistance largely depends on the paint. More expensive and high-quality coatings will ensure a long service life of the product, especially in combination with adherence to painting technology and further operation. At the same time, the coating should not contain various inclusions, and the profile should be painted over very carefully and carefully — unpainted stripes are a great danger for the tree.


The level of heat saving of a wooden window depends on the glass unit and the thickness of the timber. Two-chamber double-glazed windows with triple glazing are considered optimal, and as for the timber, a thickness of about 78 mm is sufficient. Also, air cushions, which are created when priming with an antiseptic or freezing of the resin contained, for example, in glued material, affect the saving of heat..


Build quality and seals determine the level of sound insulation. If seals suitable for the existing structure are used, and the profile itself is mounted without defects and according to the instructions, then extraneous sounds will not bother you and interfere.


Now let’s talk in more detail about the types of wood used for the production of wooden windows..

Pine windows.

Let’s start with the most common material — pine. Such windows are distinguished by their strength, elasticity, low thermal conductivity and an affordable price. Since pine is a relatively soft tree, it can be easily dried and processed. Aged pine boards acquire yellow or orange tones, but they can be painted in any color. All this allows designers to widely use pine to realize their fantasies..

Larch windows.

Larch windows are similar in appearance to their pine counterparts, but at the same time they have some very important properties. Since there is more resin in larch than in pine, windows made of this wood turn out to be more moisture-resistant and frost-resistant, which is important for areas where there is high humidity or severe winters. In addition, larch is not afraid of fungus, rotting and other biological influences, it has a higher fire resistance, and increases its strength over time. It does not require additional chemical impregnation, and the resins give it a reddish color. On the other hand, larch requires more complex processing, and such windows are on average 25% more expensive than pine ones..

Oak windows.

Oak has long been used to create windows, doors and furniture for the homes of the richest families in Russia and Europe, as well as in shipbuilding. It has a pronounced structure and a wide range of colors. Oak windows are not afraid of frost and moisture, they are very durable and do not darken over time. They are not afraid of fungi, but they are susceptible to insects, in particular, a grinder beetle, and when dried in oak, internal and external cracks can form. The price of oak windows is very high, since this type of wood is very durable and is able to hold various fasteners.

Mahogany windows.

One of the most expensive materials for wooden windows is mahogany. This wood is strong and durable, almost does not «shrink». To enhance the strength and durability, it is treated with insect repellents, ultraviolet radiation and moisture. An important fact — this material is not suitable for the climatic conditions of Russia.