XCMG Truck Cranes

XCMG has long and reliably taken a leading position in the world market for the sale of special equipment. This brand has become proven and available not only in the world market, but also in the market of our country. XCMG truck cranes, designed and built on the basis of drawings and developments of the world famous Liebherr trust. Only unlike the global giant, the product we are considering is much cheaper to buy and operate..

The reliability of technology, questionable seven years ago, is now undeniable. XCMG truck cranes are tested by our roads, working conditions and climate. The manufacturer, perfectly understanding the main sales markets, and the direction of the technology provided it with all the necessary set of safety measures.

At the moment, you can easily purchase parts and components of this company. There is no need for a long time, with production downtime, to wait for the delivery of parts from abroad. Thanks to the opened offices and representative offices, you can purchase everything you need locally. Repair and warranty service are also carried out with high quality and on time. There are specially trained repair and maintenance technicians trained in the company’s offices.

The technique is perfectly adapted to our fuel. There are also no problems with lubricants and other related materials. Structural units work reliably, without crushing failures within the warranty period. All equipment is certified and received permission to work on the territory of Russia.