Checking a car by number using the VIN decoder service

Each vehicle is assigned an individual identification number upon release from the assembly line. It is necessary to indicate specific parameters of the machine in order to be able to track all the changes occurring with it.

To access such information, you can use a VIN decoder.

Features of the service

To determine all the data, there are special websites where you can enter seventeen VIN characters into the search bar and get the necessary information. The marking can show the following facts:

  1. The country where the car was produced. The first digit in the designation corresponds to it.
  2. The next two letters are assigned to the manufacturer, these abbreviations have an explanation, just run a search by abbreviation.
  3. The next five characters indicate the make of the car (two letters) and the volume and type of engine (three numbers).
  4. The ninth digit is the vehicle security code.
  5. The tenth is the year the car was released from the assembly line.
  6. The eleventh indicates the plant where the car was assembled.
  7. The rest from 12 to 17 indicates the serial number of this model.

In other words, the VIN code allows you to obtain data about a specific car that cannot be changed. This information is used when selling a car, entering information into insurance, is indicated in accident reports, and is used when preparing customs documents. It is this data that allows you to search for information in any reports from a variety of services.

On the vindecoderz website you can find information about any model. Its page lists all types of cars for which you can search. The decoding of any code is also given here.

By entering data, you can get a wide variety of data about the car, which is included in public documents on various sites.


Using the Vindecoderz service, any user can obtain the most necessary information on the car. This will help determine the approximate mileage of the car, the exact number of owners, insurance claims, and other important information. Such consultation is required when purchasing a car.

This data can also be used by the owners of other vehicles involved in an accident, or their lawyers, to understand how the case can be handled.

This service is widely used by used car dealers, insurance companies, and law enforcement officers. All information is accurate, correct, and can be trusted.