Garden paths on your site

If you’ve ever created a blooming garden from scratch, you probably know how difficult it is to make a fairly good ordinary garden droshky. But ordinary garden paths should be attractive and, accordingly, quite durable. Let’s figure out together what ordinary garden paths are, we will consider the disadvantages, advantages of different options and, in addition, we will select an incomparable path for a well-groomed garden.

The geometry of paths in the garden

So, before talking about materials for paths in the garden, let’s think about geometry, since it is with it that the planning of the entire beautiful garden begins in general. Conventionally, all blooming gardens can also be subdivided into classic traditional, highly creative asymmetrical beautiful gardens..

Consequently, a well-groomed garden in a strict classical style is much more characteristic of very regular geometric shapes and, moreover, symmetry in everything. And if it so happened that a given flower bed, then, in this case, they are round, square or triangular; if a tree grows on one side of the path, then, in this case, it should also grow on the other. As for the «non-classical» style, it means that asymmetry is allowed and welcomed here: very smooth, non-repeating forms, the articulation of dissimilar plants and, in addition, the means of decorating a blooming garden. When you finish reading, do not forget to find out why distance is so important in relationships between a man and a woman..

Materials for paths in the garden

Now we will consider in more detail the materials from which you can equip an ordinary garden path.

durable paving slabs (or its analogs — natural stone, brick, wooden smooth tiles)

This walkway will look good in a typical classic manicured garden. The main challenge in this case will be clear marking, laying smooth tiles on a properly prepared substrate. Violation of the technology for laying smooth tiles entails subsidence of individual sections of the path, a very rapid deterioration in the appearance and, in addition, functionality. And repairing this track is relatively difficult. On the other hand, the indisputable advantage of this path is its flat surface — it is easy to walk on it, move an ordinary garden cart or baby carriage.

A prerequisite for a path made of solid paving slabs is the presence of a curb, from which another tangible minus emerges — the path turns out to be very expensive. Let’s outline another flaw: if such a path gets bored, it will be relatively difficult to remove it from the site..

screening (its analogs are expanded clay, crushed stone, decorative granite chips).

Drop-out paths are suitable for every beautiful garden. Their main advantage is the comparative ease and speed of arrangement and, in addition, repair. It is very pleasant to walk along these ordinary garden paths, it is relatively easy to transport a cart, and water does not stagnate on them..

But there are, accordingly, flaws: for the path from the dropout, a curb is also required, which delays construction a little, and will make the path more expensive. In addition, it is in fact incredible to remove fallen leaves from peeled gravel, and there is still soil under it — these 2 factors lead to the germination of useless weeds. Of course, this can also be dealt with. For example, before pouring basalt crushed stone, you can easily place a layer of non-woven base. If the path is old, then it means that it has to be treated with herbicides without stopping..

Keep in mind that when you get tired of the walkway, removing it from the site will be exactly as difficult as a sidewalk tile walkway (and if not to say that this will be even more difficult).

separate large even tiles (or similar materials — solid figured wood rings)

This ordinary garden path does not fit into a blooming garden with classical generally accepted forms, but it can also harmoniously blend into each other..

In addition to the standardized durable square-shaped tiles on the current product market, a variety of cement-sandy even tiles of curious shapes (in the form of traces, small sheets, blots, etc.) are presented. Wood rings can be easily made with your own hands (if you have an electric or gasoline saw). The indisputable advantages of such an ordinary garden path are lightness, speed of laying, ease of transformation or the distance of the path. It is not difficult to walk along this path, but it will be difficult to drive with a cart. On an ordinary garden path of this type, water does not stagnate, it sags in the meantime, but this is not difficult to correct.

In principle, there is no need to talk about all possible time options (rubber, unnatural grass, smooth boards, etc.). That is why they are temporary.