Glass in the garden

It would seem, well, where in the garden can you use glass? There will be many more answers to this question than one might imagine. Glass can be found in almost every corner of the garden. The most popular places for using glass are, of course, gazebos, verandas, resting places and ceremonial areas. Painting, stained glass and decorative foil can transform glass into a unique design element. For a creative person, glass may be akin to a canvas for an artist. The windows of gazebos, winter gardens and simple outbuildings can be turned into a unique decoration for your site, while adhering to the general idea of ​​a landscape design project. Colored glass inserts can be used to decorate forged fences, bridges, etc. Retaining walls, reservoirs, capital fences can be decorated with glass mosaic compositions. Behind the translucent stained-glass windows, you can hide unsightly buildings and other objects of your site. An opaque stained glass window can be presented as a separate painting. If you want to entrust the glazing work to professionals, contact the company.

Transparent stained-glass windows look especially good in flower beds. Pieces of embossed multi-colored glass can be placed in flower beds and lawns.

Glass is especially widely used in recreation areas. Here you can see candlesticks, vases, lamps, flower pots, sconces, dishes, screens, and other glass items.

Glass objects illuminated in various ways can serve as a particularly spectacular decoration of an evening garden. And the lamps themselves in the garden can look much more interesting if the glass of their shades is painted in some way..

In flower beds, you can place glass cylinders or boxes filled with pieces of broken colored glass. Such items will look good in the evening if you provide for their illumination..

Small glass decorations, such as beads, can be used to decorate the decoration of gazebos, verandas, etc. Beads and beads can be used to embroider curtains and pillows in recreation areas. They can also be used to decorate individual plants..

Separately, it must be said about glass garden sculptures. In the hands of a master, this fragile material is very plastic and can turn into graceful and surprisingly beautiful sculptures and compositions. There are butterflies, swans, dolphins and many other images. There are sculptures of indefinite shape. Glass garden sculptures compare favorably with gypsum or concrete ones. They are distinguished by grace and sophistication. Such sculptures will decorate any garden or site..