How to raise the price of a house? —

If you want to sell a house, you should prepare it for sale.. How to do it? We will tell you about how to make the house more comfortable for living and increase its value..

We advise you to insulate, renew and decorate your façade. In the event that the house is about 20 years old, then surely the bad weather has already had enough time to wear it. Such a house is no longer so tidy, and it takes a long time to heat it. You must try to bring back the shine of the house. For example, you can plaster it. The inner layer of plaster will reduce heat loss and extend the service life of the supporting structures. As for the reinforcing layer, it will give the finish strength. The finishing plaster will keep the interior walls from getting wet. It will also serve as a decorative function. There is a large selection of facade paints on the market now, and you can use any of them. You can also wall the house with clinker bricks..

When the façade is refurbished, you can upgrade the windows, as well as the balconies and verandas. If the house has wooden frames with single glazing, it will not be possible to get rid of drafts. You can replace old wooden frames with plastic windows. This will save the house from drafts. You can also save on heating costs by reducing heat loss through windows..

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Plastic windows will also expand the functionality of the veranda. In this case, you can use the veranda as a bedroom in winter. Sealed double-glazed windows will save heat, as well as slightly expand the area of ​​the living space of the house.

As for the attic, there you can equip a residential attic. For this purpose, you will need to insulate the roof slopes. For this, you can use thermal insulation materials. You can sheathe the roof ramps from the inside with gypsum boards. By installing skylights, you let in more light into the room. At the same time, you do not have to spend a lot on reorganization. At the same time, the room will become more comfortable.

You can also repair the roof substructure. Replace the rotten sheathing. Treat the rafters to increase their durability with one or another antiseptic impregnation. We recommend repeating this procedure regularly. So putrefactive fungi will not appear on the roof over time. You can also cover the roof with fire retardant compounds..

If the roof was previously covered with slate or roll materials, you probably already got tired of constant leaks. But if you use more modern materials, you can save the roof. For example, you can use specially coated steel roof tiles. This material will be able to serve you for a long time. Also you can choose any color of the material.

It is quite possible to change the plot next to the house with the help of a winter garden. In this case, in winter, in cold weather, you can always relax among orchids and other flowers. This idea will not cost you dearly. With the help of modern technology, you can always build a small winter garden.

The classic version of the winter garden is a 3-facade structure, which will adjoin the wall on one side. It must have access to living quarters. The garden is perfect for growing any kind of plant. You can also receive guests here. Please note that tropical plants cannot tolerate even light frost. So you should choose a design with increased heat-shielding properties..

In the event that the area of ​​the winter garden is small, it will receive heat from the heating of the house. And if it is large, then you may need a heating boiler and a combined heating system, which will consist of radiators, as well as «warm floors».

Also, to change the appearance of the house and the site, you can use landscaping along with landscaping. Plant beds of vegetables, berries. We also advise you to plant fruit trees. In addition, you have the opportunity to try your hand at landscape design. For example, you can create a small grassy lawn with paths and pave them with gravel or tiles. An alpine slide will also look great. It can be collected from stones of various sizes, and then planted with plants that imitate a high-mountainous meadow. You can choose such plants so that the alpine slide constantly blooms.

Surely, some of our tips will help you equip your house and plot and prepare it for sale.