Online service TubeRipper: description and advantages

The value of copyright is difficult to dispute. But it’s one thing to use a tune you like for commercial gain, and another thing to just listen to it in your free time. YouTube, like many other social networks, does not see the difference and simply prohibits downloading the content posted on it. This seriously limits users. The solution is to type “YouTube Video Downloader” into a search engine or simply use TubeRipper.


TubeRipper is an online service that allows you to download videos and music from YouTube. Not only, of course, but because it is the largest platform for posting video content, mainly from him. Using the program is very simple: you only need a link to the video. It must be entered into the box at the top of the page and click on the “Extract” button. Next, select the appropriate format and desired quality and wait for the download to complete.

The program is capable of downloading audio tracks, video (picture and sound), as well as video without an audio track. Moreover, you can freely transform one option into another and download only what you want.


TubeRipper is absolutely free! If you want, you can transfer the creators to coffee, but this is an additional item in the program. Registration is also not required to access the functionality. You just need to open the site and start working!

The service can download from a variety of sites. Not only YouTube, most modern social networks are supported. If the portal allows you to view video and listen to audio, then you can download tracks from it using TubeRipper.

There are many formats available for downloading. There will be no situation where your player refuses to play the downloaded file. Just select the appropriate file type and enjoy great playback! TubeRipper will take care of the rest.