Smoking room

If you have started a renovation and there is a room in your home for which a special purpose has not yet been invented, equip it in a smoking room. To some, this decision will seem strange, but in fact, this is not such a rare occurrence. Everyone would like to have a similar place in their home, where both the owners and their guests could indulge in their favorite habit. The arrangement of such a room takes place according to a special method, because the purpose of this room distinguishes it from all others. You have to take into account many nuances, for example, buy an air purifier … They will determine your comfort and preserve the health of relatives and friends.

No one will argue with the fact that smoking is harmful. You can only put up with this and try to make sure that non-smoking relatives do not feel discomfort. If you are the owner of a private house, then the smoking room can be arranged in the attic. Here you can connect your imagination and, for example, make an oriental corner with a hookah. If there is no attic, you can build a special balcony for smokers, where you can smoke a smoke while observing the landscapes outside the house..

Another option for a smoking room is a basement location. Such a room needs mandatory insulation. In addition, the repair work will include cleaning from various formations such as mold. You will have to work more than in the first option, but it’s worth it, because in a more spacious room you can place, say, a billiard table. Another alternative for choosing a smoking room is a covered terrace or loggia. This option is also suitable for those who live in an apartment, and not in a private house..

The design of the smoking room is developed directly by the owners, and is carried out by experts with experience in renovation and design work. This is due to the fact that the renovation of a room for a smoking room has many details that a poorly informed person may not take into account. As an example, we can cite the argument that most of the owners of such rooms want to furnish it with leather furniture, but in this case it is necessary to take care of fire safety, which is needed here more than anywhere else. Well, cleanliness, comfort and fresh air in the room are also very important. Therefore, many people put themselves an air purifier, which not only removes the smell of cigarettes qualitatively, but also freshens the air..

In principle, finding the necessary accessories will not be difficult. Nowadays, there are many specialty shops that provide consumers with a wide range of different smoking accessories. Moreover, both decorative and quite functional.

The main question that arises during the renovation of the smoking room is the question of the professional installation of the hood. The ventilation system must be modern and comfortable. Most often, fans are used that turn on at the same time as the light is turned on. A more expensive and prestigious option is infrared sensors that respond to a person entering the room. The simplest option will cost 700-1500 rubles, and the latest elite systems can cost tens of thousands. It must be remembered that in no case can you save on ventilation. It is unlikely that any of the guests, and you yourself, will want to stay in a smoky room for a long time. The system of supplying fresh, purified air is an emphasis that cannot be tackled slipshod.

As mentioned above, there are special requirements for furniture. Every designer knows that the material for the upholstery should be chosen one that will not absorb the smell of tobacco smoke for a long time. For the same purpose, it is necessary to avoid the presence of unnecessary draperies and voluminous curtains in the smoking room. It is best to stick to a classic style with wood and leather furniture, or a more modern style with plastic, glass and stainless steel. It is important that there are no flammable coatings in the room. No one is immune from accidents, therefore, it is better to be prepared in advance..

If you have very little understanding of what a real smoking room should look like, you can consult a designer. The designer will show, using a real example, what such a room should be, and what you need to change in the layout and interior in order for the room to really correspond to this category. Naturally, this pleasure is not cheap, but the health of loved ones is more expensive. Therefore, make sure that trusted and experienced people are engaged in the repair of the room — this will be your contribution to the quality of the final result..